161: City of Lights

moon lightWe are all given a special talent to bring into this world. We don’t always know what that is or we know what it is and ignore or hide it. We go to work and don’t invest in this hidden gem too much because it doesn’t pay the bills, give us status or maybe we think we might not be that good at it. Doubt and fear drives us from finding out or developing our talents.

I remember when I was at home for a year bringing up a young one as being the most liberating thought producing and creative time in my life. I couldn’t earn money and had to stay at home so I was freed from worrying about this part of my life for the first time in years. This opened a huge space for me to think, grow and learn about what it is I wanted to do/be. After the year was up I didn’t go back to my job but started a business in Language teaching to foreign students. The process of letting go of what I thought I had to be opened up new doors closer to what I wanted to be.

When we get in touch with what fires us up or we love we connect to the city of lights which dwells within us. In yoga this place is called Atman or soul, essence, spirit, god. It is the unchanging eternal part of us hidden under layers and layers of ego. When we don’t find that place within us our lives can become empty, feel pointless, we can feel down or depressed or have this feeling of never having quite got there. You know when you access this part as there is no time only connection. Yesterday in yoga class we all thought that there was no time, the hour had gone so quickly, this is because we were all so connected and ‘in love’ with what we were doing.

When we are ‘in love’ with what we do, that thing becomes the tool for us to directly communicate with our true nature. Be that drawing, playing golf, doing yoga. When we lose ourselves in our talent we become more connected with the driving eternal part of us. I find this when I teach and practice yoga, when I garden or write.

Practice for today: Is there something you can do for yourself today that you are ‘in love’ with? Use your time wisely to access that part of you today. Glow within your city of lights.


3 Comments on “161: City of Lights

  1. I’ve been wanting to email you and ask something. I don’t know why I keep hesitating. But your post today is that trigger. I’ll email you soon ok?
    Hope that’s ok. =)

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