159: Powerful New Day

Life can be very effective therapy. Each day, each breathe is a chance to really mess things up but it is also a chance to start again. When I teach I often say, each breathe is a fresh chance, each pose an opportunity whether you have done it five times or five thousand, each thought a seed of choice. Here are some practices for finding power within you, right here, right now.

Intention: Sankalpa. Sankalpa is not a wish or a desire but a choice as to how you want to show up in your day. It is an intention, will or vow. It is best stated in the positive such as, I am strong, able, powerful, loving, kind, generous, open. and silently to yourself like a vow. Choose an adjective you want to work with. If you have made an error in your day maybe choose the word that best negates the feeling you have drawn towards yourself. If you have said something unkind state your intention like this, I am loving and I am loved or may I show up in this day being loving to all who come my way.

new dayLetting go: Whatever you did yesterday or five minutes ago is actually in the past. It’s time to move on.  Letting go is the practice of detaching yourself from the power of your own thoughts, feelings and actions. If you insist on revisiting the scene of the crime every couple of minutes instead of letting go you will be dragged all the way. Instead try the  practice of visualisation. Put your disaster on a leaf and float it down the river, or put it on a cloud and watch it dissipate into thin air.

Choice: You have a choice as to how you react to what you think. We can’t really choose what we think as thoughts come randomly unannounced, usually when you least expect them. Someone can trigger us or we are reminded of our past blunders. The choice part is what are you going to do now you have been reminded about your mistake? Are you going to invite it back in for dinner and give it a bed for the night or are you going to say to yourself ‘thank you for visiting again but I think we are done here?’ Each thought is a powerful seed, you can tend and water it to make it grow or you can dig it out at the roots.

Practice for today: Today can be better than yesterday. You always have choice. Today by setting an intention, remembering you have choice and power you can grow and manifest whatever you want in your day and that certainly can include undoing the vice-like grip our yesterdays have on us. Go bravely into your new day with your head held high.


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