160: Some thoughts on Being Happy

be happyWe all want to be happy we really do, but life seems to get in the way and sometimes we forget what we need to do to keep life even. Happiness is a state but also a process, to find it in our lives we all know that getting something or eating something isn’t going to help that much. What is more useful is some awareness and some practice;

Here are my tips of bringing a bit of happy into the day.

One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.

Be yourself. I have a sign on my computer, be Gabrielle. This is especially important for when I teach yoga. People don’t come to be  with a carbon copy of someone else. They come because they want to do yoga and be with me who is being myself. Authenticity and confidence is a way in which we connect with all parts of ourselves, both the good and the ugly.

Act the way you want to feel. If you want to feel down act it. If you want to feel a bit up, then try that. What you say and what you think are reflected in your actions. Your attitude and how you align yourself with your day is also reflected in your actions. The converse is also true.

Do what feels right. Deep down, we all know what is right for us and for others.

Cut people some slack, their actions reflect a situation they are in.

Cultivate generosity of spirit.

Bring people together.

Practice for today: Choose a way that you think might help your spirit feel light and happy today. If you give permission for yourself to be happy, you give it to others as well.

5 Comments on “160: Some thoughts on Being Happy

  1. Beautifully written! I think so many of us strive to be anything but ourselves, and I know that we are all guilty of this at some point it our lives. But I think we can only truly find happiness when we are happy with ourselves & when we learn to love ourselves.
    Love this!

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