157: Mother’s little Helpers

sanctuarySome parts of my day  I really want to numb out. Usually at 5:00pm tired, hungry and making dinner, noisy bustley and busy I quite often reach for a wine. It seems to take the edge off the pandemonium initially but I then notice it just can make me more tired. Oh for the fifties when it was mot de jour to pop a blue pill from the bathroom cabinet and glide through your day all martini like.

We live in an age where pills can be prescribed like candy, we want pills for our health and our well being. We love vitamins and minerals, anti-depressants and weight loss meds, over the counter medications, pills for skin and get up and go in and out of the bed. Have you ever paid to go the doctor and not been prescribed anything and felt ripped off? All that security in a bottle. I have my affectionately dubbed ‘nervous ninny’ pills that I carry with me when I travel just in case a big monster comes at me in a foreign country.

Pills are a necessary part of our world. Without some medication we may not live, or function but do you ever stop to wonder if some of the pills we take are not needed? Could there be some other way to fight our minor depressions, contractions, feelings of inadequacy, stresses or fears? What if there were pills for health, love, truth, kindness and sincerity?

Here is a practice from Tibetan Monk Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

The three pill method.

Every day whenever you are faced with specific challenges in your life look to it as not a way to exit your life but an entrance to your inner refuge. For eg if someone says  a mean word to us our natural reaction is to feel fear or anger about what the person did. We look outside of ourselves. Instead remember to take 3 pills  to look inside. This will help and guide you to find your inner refuge and you will  know what to do. You will be surprised at the message you get.

White pill for  stillness of body; Listen to your body connect with your body feel that stillness.

Red Pill for silentness of speech; Listen to the silence  within you, wait a moment and you will hear it.

Blue Pill for spaciousness of the mind; Feel the spaciousness in your heart and the degree of openness.

Practice for today: Make a commitment to yourself to take these pills three times a day or as needed. Seek to open the doors to what is inside you rather than closing the doors to what is outside of you.

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