155:Yoga Weirdness

sadhuI am quite attracted and repelled at the same time to some of the yoga madness in the world. There are some practices that are fascinating and some that are downright scarey. As a celebration of being over halfway through my blog mission of 365 days I would like to show you a good time in the yoga world.

Strange Sadhus

Sadhu Amar Bharati is an Indian holy man who claims he has kept his right hand raised in the air since 1973. Now, 38 years later, his hand is just a useless piece of skin and bone, but has become a symbol for Shiva worshipers around India.

Until 1970, Amar Bharati was an average middle-class man who lived a normal life. He had a job, a home, a wife and three children, but none of that mattered when he woke up one morning and decided to leave everything behind and dedicate his life to serving the Hindu god Shiva. He began wandering the roads of India dressed in his simple Sadhu clothes and carrying only his trusty Trishula (a metal trident). After three years, in 1973, Amar realized he was still too connected to the fading luxury and pleasures of mortal life, and decided to separate himself from them by raising his right arm and keeping it raised. 38 years later, his arm is still up and he couldn’t use it, even if he wanted to.

Kriya Practices: Cleansing

Stuffy Nose? Sutra-Neti, . Take a piece of string, thread it though one nostril and out through the mouth Then sort of wiggle it back and forth between the two. You should do this after rinsing with salt water. Sort of like flossing your nostrils. This should be done under the guidance of experts. sutra neti

Feel like a detox? Vastra Dhauti. Take a length of muslin cloth about 20 feet long and keep swallowing it until there is only about 6 inches left in your mouth. If you start to gag you can drink some water to moisten the cloth. It is advised to do this in the washroom as it induces vomiting. Again you need expert help.cloth neti

Crazy Teachers:

Over the Top Yoga Assisting as below:


Interesting Styles:

Doga: Bring you dog, why not?doga 2

Hot Naked Yoga:Unclothed yogis say it helps to deepen their yoga practice, encourages ultimate appreciation, acceptance, and love for their bodies, and also builds intimate bonds with the people in their yoga community. I guess if Sting can do it then let’s all do it.sting does yoga Kind of looks hot even without the heat.




Practice for today: Some of these practices may seem weird to you and they may even repulse you but that is not how the practitioners feel. When we look at something from the outside and judge it we close our minds. How would the world be if we accepted everyone for how they are and what they do without comment? Today either consider doing something out of your comfort zone or accept a point of view, action or deed of another without judgement.

7 Comments on “155:Yoga Weirdness

  1. Wow! I can’t keep my arm in the air for twenty minutes never mind 38 years! The mind boggles. That is dedication right there!

    • I Know!there are lots more of these austerity practices (even more challenging) thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for the challenging practice. I am having a hard time not judging some of these creative practices. It shows me how much resistance I have to keeping an open mind.

    • Yes, challenging, but I’m so glad you remembered it as a practice, ie something to actually do or work with. Learning is experiential so we read or think about something but if we want change we need to actually go and do something about that. So keep your open mind like a parachute.

  3. We discussed these in teacher training and saw lots of videos and photos. To this day, I feel my brains will come out of my nostrils when I see them flossing theirs! To each is own, no? =)

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