153: Hurry up to Slow down.

slowI have never actually whooped in a yoga class but I did today. As I managed to jump back from crow pose to plank the whoop just burst out. It has taken me three years to do this which on all accounts is slow. Mind numbing slow progress. This comes in great contrast to my own inner metronome which is permanently on the fast tick. My pace through life or inner tempo is in overdrive, my connection to speed addictive.

When we move through this world there is  a correct pace for doing so. Neither too slow or too fast we must find the correct beat. However nowadays people prefer the fast-moving, talking, acting way of life. It is addictive to do things quickly, we eat fast, drive fast, talk fast and even think fast. Being fast  can put us on a high as it fires up our limbic system and floods our body with cortisol. Being quick can earn us the badge of honor in society, we are busy, our lives are full and have meaning if we fill our day quickly.

Being slow however or not having enough to do is sometimes frowned upon. Down time or down turn aren’t viewed as entirely positive nor is day dreaming, gazing or pondering. The mantra for the day is hurry up. We don’t want to take time to read a book slowly, we want the condensed version, we don’t want long stories we want short and don’t write your blogs too long just give me the pithy bits.

Yesterday I was really hurrying to get this blog done. The more panicked I became, the less productive I was. We all know that flashes of brilliance don’t come when we hurry, they come in the quiet slow times. So I took myself for a walk and sure enough ten minutes in I knew just what I was going to write. Creating slow rituals like this produce a brain wave that makes our thoughts more juicy. Slow rituals can be incorporated with the way we think, talk or act. Creating time for yourself by learning the power of no is also a valuable way to slow your life down.

Practice for today: Connect with your inner turtle and think how can you slow yourself down in a good way. What parts of your life do you not need to waste your time on, where can you say no? Meditation, pondering, self-study or lounging on a yoga mat are great ways to connect to the slow rhythm of life.

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2 Comments on “153: Hurry up to Slow down.

  1. Yay for you on the crow to plank!! That is indeed hard. I was so excited recently when I could go from side angle to a side bind. It took me about a year to get there. These hallmarks of progress are important — no matter how long it took to achieve them!

    • and congrats right back at you! Isn’t yoga great like that? A slow revelation of all we need exactly when we need it.

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