152: Pleasure Me

pleasureIt seems in societies rush to gain more, a bigger house a better job, we forget or nicely avoid the taking care of our basic needs. It’s much easier to be concerned with the trivial, (where are my car keys), than where my inner life is heading. As we seek to gain more  acquisitions we tend to fill our lives with the busyness needed to make those dreams come true. Why worry about what makes you happy when you can fill your day worrying about the next key merger or how you can earn more money? Quite simply,  in our need to fill our lives with stuff we forget about how to or when to invite  the small and large pleasures into our lives.

Here is a lovely Buddhist tale about this.

A man was relaxing under a tree having a break from fishing. A business man saw him and questioned why he wasn’t still fishing. Surely if he was still out there he could earn more money and with that extra money he could buy a bigger boat and fish longer. He would then become big enough to hire some more people, buy bigger boats and earn more money. Finally once he had earned all this he would be able to relax.

To which the man under the tree replied ‘ but I’m relaxing now’.

The business man thought to get pleasure he had to work harder and longer but the fisherman saw that as  he already had enough then he could relax under the tree now.

Lying under a tree in the hot sun is one of life’s pleasures. Here are some more little things to make you feel all warm inside.

Sleeping in on a rainy day, feeling the sun on your skin, sharing a home cooked meal, fresh sheets, skinny dipping, picking some herbs from your garden, a beautiful view, a familiar smell of childhood, holding hands with someone you love,  the first sip of a cold drink on a hot day, a scented bath.

Practice for the day: How do you define pleasure and how often do you indulge in it? Do you feel guilty seeking pleasure? Aim for one pleasurable moment today and feel how your body fills with warmth.

3 Comments on “152: Pleasure Me

  1. Enjoying the simple pleasures in life takes the ability to be in the moment! I was thinking about this yesterday. I invited a friend to a concert and she backed out a few days ago saying she had a slight cough and couldn’t see going to the concert if she wasn’t 200 percent better. Now maybe she just didn’t want to go to the concert, but perhaps she wasn’t able to be in the moment enough to enjoy it. Concerts are definitely one of the big pleasures I allow myself. Dancing too. Great post!!!

    • oh yes thanks for you lovely input, music and dancing are the great little pleasures of life. Dance!

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