151: The four Agreements

the four agreementsThe Toltec race were men and woman throughout Mexico that were considered spiritual masters. They lived thousands of years ago and their teachings were hidden for centuries. Their teachings are not a religion but they aim to guide us in our life to happiness and love. Here is a summary of the four agreements;

The first agreement; Be impeccable with your word.

Speak with integrity and don’t speak harshly of yourself or others. Avoid gossip but instead use your words to take you towards love and truth. Say only what you mean.

This one is tricky, it’s so easy to gossip and be led into a conversation about someone so you can feel included. How would it be for you to speak of ideas for a day instead of people?

The second agreement: Don’t take anything personally

Nothing that others say is because of you, it is just a situation that they find themselves in. What they say is a projection of their own dreams or suffering. If you remember this you will be immune to suffering at the words of others.

Taking things personally is like taking blame for others’ words and actions. How would it be for you today if when someone said or did something that offended you, you just let it go?

The third agreement: Don’t make assumptions

Communicate clearly with others so there are less misunderstandings and find the courage to speak your truth. Don’t assume people will always understand you, if you are clear in your communication you can avoid some dramas.

Pretty much everything we say is open to interpretation as we all have our unique way of seeing the world. Would it work for you today to double-check with someone you understood exactly what they were trying to tell you? We often mask our true feelings with inadequate words, dig deeper and find out what is really behind someone’s words.

The fourth agreement: Always do your best

Under any circumstances simply do your best, your best will change from moment to moment but this simple intention has the power to change everything.

Whatever situation you find yourself in or however you find yourself to be, give life your best effort. Greet life as it greets you, with your best intentions.

Practice for today: Being a better person is not complicated, but often simple is difficult. Take one of these simple practices and try it for a day. If you have time download or read Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements it’s a book that can change your life.




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