149: A bit of Tantric on the side

kama sutraWe’ve all heard of the Kama Sutra and for most of us it conjures up images that should only been seen under the sheets with a torch, sort of like the National Geographic illustrations. Tantric Sex is thought of as a bit on the wild side, I  guess most people imagine hours and hours of sex done in various yoga poses, most of which we can’t do anyway so we just file the images away as a warm interesting fantasy.

In Buddha’s teachings there are both Sutras and Tantras. Sutras are a thread of basic practices that you can do to liberate your mind from it’s problems. Things like practicing love, compassion and discipline. The Tantras are advanced practices stemming from the Sutras. Tantra means to stretch or continue without break. The practices of tantra will give you the means to channel your energy wisely and  help awaken you to your one and only life. In this one and only life we are met with both highs and lows and through practicing tantra we can ride both the high peaks and the valleys with equilibrium.

The teachings say if we accept everything as it is without fighting it and see our circumstances as ‘just how they are’ at the moment without trying to change it then we will find more balance in our life. One day we may find we have been promoted the next day given redundancy. One minute we have good health and then we find out we have been diagnosed with something. By seeing each circumstance as part of the great whole we can learn to accept that what is in front of us is part of our great life.

They also ask us to see ourselves as gods or goddesses, not in a religious way but in a ‘I am a unique and great person’. If we spent more time seeing ourselves and others as worthy and truly divine, if we really looked into people’s eyes and saw their greatness then life would become a different journey. We would criticise less, judge less and stop trying to be better than others. We would stop putting ourselves down or try to change our partners. We would be awake to ourselves as sacred beings.

After the ecstasy comes the laundry– Jack Kornfield

Sex in tantra means you are more in tune with your body. You can stay in a relaxed state during ecstatic highs, you have the tools to control your experiences so you can be the master of your own ship. By using breath control during sex we can quite literally choose how to sail our ships. This can put you in the running with Sting and his reputed 7 hour orgasm, or at the very least you won’t roll over and go to sleep as you will have redirected your energy back into your body.

Practice for today: Tantra can be seen as a re-channeling of vital energy. If we waste less time on worrying about where our life is at the moment, see ourselves as sparks of the divine and learn to control and divert the energy we are given in this one precious life then we will truly be living. How can you channel or manifest wise energy today?

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