147: Putting it into Spiritual Perspective

free yourselfOne of the last things you usually want to hear when you suffer loss of some kind is ‘at least you still have your (insert word of choice here)’. The reason we usually don’t like to hear it is we a) want people to rally around us and experience our loss to the fullest by suffering  with us and b) we haven’t developed our spiritual mind chip enough to let those true words land.

We have all experienced loss, loss of health, money, relationships, processions. Humans spend a great deal of their time building up their stores of these tangible aspects. We save money to protect us in our old age, we stockpile food for the earth quake, we buy more and more stuff for ourselves, just in case we need it, some of us hoard, some of us cling. However it shows up for you it is all a form of grasping or Aparigraha. And we think we are invincible. In some smug way we congratulate ourselves internally for having the money, the house, the lovely relationships and all the stuff. It makes us feel a little better than maybe someone else you know, a little safer. But what is going to happen when/if it goes?

When we lose something it seems to burn brighter in our mind than what we have left. When we lose a partner we forget that we have family, when we lose our money, we forget we still have a body and are well, when we lose an argument we forget about all the good conversations we had, when we lose our health we forget about our sharp mind. We basically dwell in the loss and forget about the present.

Putting things into spiritual perspective means that when we suffer a major loss in our life firstly we allow ourselves to mourn that loss. It is a good idea at this stage to think about your relationship or attachment to that thing/person/state. What is it about them or it that held you so strongly?  Then we start to see that the things that we have gathered to buffer us, food, money, relationships come and go. When we realise their transparency we need to learn to turn to what is permanent in our life at that moment. Yes you still have your friend, your  garden, your pet or maybe your yoga practice.

Practice for today: Deep down within us is a spiritual side. This side however you phrase it, is our shining light and it never ever deserts you. If you experience loss today how can you turn to this part of you that is unchanging and forever there? Learn to draw strength from what you have already.

3 Comments on “147: Putting it into Spiritual Perspective

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  2. “Learn to draw strength from what you have already.”
    We do tend to focus more on the loss. As we allow ourselves to mourn, the mourning becomes a habit, a ritual that becomes an everyday thing. Somehow when we mourn, we think it is the only thing we have left of that loss. And it will be, when we keep holding on to that feeling.

  3. yes I agree, that is the pattern of mourning, it can become entrenched as it feels safer sometimes. Difficult one.

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