143: Modify your Life

propWhen we teach or practice asana we usually have access to props/blocks to support us, hold us. From observation there seems to be three attitudes to those tiny pieces of cork during your practice. The first is, no don’t need them, I’m either too good to be seen with one or too bad to be seen with one. The second, block panic, where is my block? There is no way they can function without one. The third, the block is there if you need it, when you need it, no matter how long you have been on the mat. The blocks are there to modify your poses and to bring you into correct alignment, they are there to make life easier for you.

But we don’t want to make life too easy do we? And neither do we want to be seen as not able. So we choose not to modify our lives but stick to the same well worn roads that we are so familiar with. These roads are filled with their own stumbling blocks, difficulties and stresses. Since this is all we know it may come as a pleasant surprise that with a small change things can be radically different. So what can we modify in our life to make it all a bit less traumatic? We all want less stress, less busy but we feel sometimes change is too much or that we don’t have enough time. Pretty much most days I hear ‘no  I don’t have time for yoga, I’ve got ……… ( big list) to do.

Here is a list of some little modifications I have made to my life to make me feel pretty much happy and healthy most days.

Body: Instead of going for high intensity workouts 2-3 times a week I opt for moving my body as much as possible in my day to day tasks. Stairs instead of lifts, vacuuming and unrolling the mat every day. ( ongoing through out the day)

Diet: Trying to include one soup or salad or something from a blender ( usually the contents of fruit and vege drawer tipped into the mixer). ( 30 minutes if I’m making it all from the beginning)

Health: I start each day the Ayurvedic way. Splash my face with cold water in the eyes about 7 times. Clean my teeth, scrape my tongue and the first thing I put into my body is warm water and lemon. I started doing that since I read about the health benefits. ( 2 minutes)

Mind: Trying to not control what other people do ( that’s my family) too much. This has taken years of stress off me! ( a few seconds here and there)

Spirit: Finding some time to read or contemplate/meditate. ( ten minutes)

This may sound like a lot if you are starting on the path of self discovery but actually it’s not much at all as you can see. These tiny little modifications can have benefits way beyond the time they take to do.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Practice for today: What is one small modification you can make to mind, body or spirit to plant good seeds for your one beautiful life? What is one part of your life you would like to improve?



3 Comments on “143: Modify your Life

  1. I like the warm water and lemon concoction!! It’s very refreshing. I don’t do it everyday though. The squeezing of lemon sometimes annoys me. =)

    • Maia, just slice off a wedge from a lemon and drop it in the cup, let it sit a minute. Put the rest of the lemon in the fridge for tomorrow. Easy, better than nothing…

      • Oh yeah… why didn’t I think of that?! Duh. I squeeze the damn lemon each time!
        Thank you and pardon my duhness. 😉

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