142: I say a Little Prayer for You

prayer beadsThe moment I wake up

before I put on my make up

I say a little prayer for you -Aretha Franklin

Spirituality has been defined as a belief in something greater than yourself and a feeling of connection to everything around you. Prayers are the words to put our own spirituality into words. In America prayer is the second biggest complementary medicine used before herbs, yoga or any alternative medicine

When I begin teaching a class I usually begin with a prayer. Something like; ‘May you use this practice to connect body, mind and soul so you can experience your divinity within and without’. A prayer is words from your heart. These can be words of empathy, your fears or hopes or what you are grateful for. There is no formulaic recipe for a prayer they are just your deepest desires with good intentions. They are not a shopping list of unmet needs.

We can use prayer to cement the rituals of our faith. We can use them to help heal ourselves or others. Some studies have shown that people who pray for others to heal or distant praying, can bring medical benefits to that person. Prayers can be used to bring us strength or courage. We can use them to wish others well. We don’t need to be religious or to believe in god to pray, but we should have some understanding of our own spirituality. A prayer is the recognition of your connection to all life, and within that life, that connection, there may be peace happiness and love.

If you have never prayed before you can start with the metta meditation. The words help me remember to be kind to myself and not to judge others. Something that I pray for on a regular basis. Metta means loving kindness. You start with praying for yourself then you can change it to pray for your loved ones. If you accomplish this you could try moving on to people you have difficulty with, someone that causes you pain or you have trouble forgiving.

May I be safe and protected.

May I be peaceful and happy.

May I be healthy and strong.

May I have ease of well being.

There can also be sacredness, divinity and connection in the way we move. If you practise some movement art next time you are out there consider how the way you move, the way you connect, can be a channel to your spirituality. For inspiration I will leave you with Seane Corne. Sun Salutes as a prayer.

Practice for today: Consider how you can bring some prayer into your life to awaken your connection to something higher than yourself.

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