141: Going Forward

hardshipsSeems like all the cool people in business nowadays use the term’ going forward‘. Going forward we will do this, going forward we will do that…..

We all want to go forwards don’t we? Staying where we are or going backwards seems wrong. Like we are failing or stumbling back to the bottom of the board game. Sometimes when I practise yoga I have to seriously wonder if I have ever practised before. It seems like I can’t do any of the poses correctly or to their fullest depth or worse still, some of them I just can’t do anymore or they are so bad I have just given up.

Sometimes when we have adversity in our lives we use it as an excuse to give up. We say to ourselves, it’s too hard, I can’t do it, I don’t want to do it, why should I?  We are programmed to like the sweet and sickly niceties of life and steer well clear of the dull, sharp, painful experiences. Except we can’t avoid them. We may lose our balance in a pose/life and fall and hurt ourselves. We may pour all our heart into a project only to have it scraped. We may work overtime in the hope of a promotion only to come in one day and find we are being made redundant.  We may try to surround ourselves with only people we love and then someone moves in next door and makes our life hell for the next twenty years.

Fall seven times get up eight

Adversity is part of our lives. It breaks through our protection bubble and  grabs us. It feels sometimes like we are gulping for air.  Whether it comes to you in that shape of your job, your relationships, your financial situation or your health, it is the boot up the backside to teach you a few things. It reminds you nothing is permanent, it tames your ego fast and it tosses you in the eddies that your life is flowing in. How can you look at these events as not being pulled under the wave but a lesson in surfing? How can you let it give you more drive, more vigor to succeed and let it catapult you to where you are going?

Practice for today: In each adversity there is an opportunity and a lesson. See your set backs not so much as missing out or going backwards, but as a teaching to propel you to greater heights. Your dreams, your visions are waiting for you to keep going forward each day. That is the practice.

2 Comments on “141: Going Forward

  1. This is awesome. Simply put and SO true. I’d like to add that once we overcome these obstacles with a sense of FAITH that we will be taken care of, and when we act in accordance with who we were created to be, life is not only alright but it is MAGIC. So when we have adversity it is an opportunity for magic. 😉 Thanks for this post!

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