139: Your Heart’s Desire

hearts desireHave you ever stopped for a moment to ask yourself some of the big questions? is your journey on this one sweet life a ‘work out’ or a ‘work in’? Do you study yourself on a regular basis to see how you are doing when it comes to the game of life?

If you have never considered some of the bigger picture because you are too busy trying to earn a living, how would it be for you if you stopped for a moment and considered how you can earn a life instead?

Here are some of my favourite thoughts or questions to meditate on, dwell over, ponder and consider.

What is my purpose for being here? How can I align that one great purpose (my dharma) with all that I do? What is it that I am made for and how is it that I can contribute to this world?

What is my heart’s desire? Not what do  you want and need but what quality will help me be a better person on a day to day basis? Do I desire peace, happiness, balance, equanimity or patience?

What is it in this world that allows me to be truly myself. What one thing that when I do it, I don’t care about time or how I look or what the end result is? What thing do I do that shines a light on the best version of myself?

We all have to feed ourselves and look after our family and friends but we also have a duty to enter into some kind of awakening to the bigger picture of life. Sometimes it is just about being quiet for a while, listening to your own answers and guides and spending some time viewing yourself.

The quest of yoga/life is not to change who we are but to reveal who we are. The journey is one that is meant to awaken us up to ourselves. If we look carefully and listen inward we might just find that what we are seeking is already there. All the answers to all the questions. When we see this, when we feel this, the struggle simply falls away.

Practice for today: Take time out from the constraint of routine or the urgency to provide or rule. Maybe this is a yoga class or a walk outside or shopping at the market and consider this question. What is my heart’s desire and what barriers do I need to take down to enter into this realm?



2 Comments on “139: Your Heart’s Desire

  1. Nice post, thanks… I am declaring 2013 as my year to ‘follow the bird’ that leads me down the road I was not planning to go. So far, the bird is much smarter than me!! 😉 LOL

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