137: Love Songs

maharajiHow do you love? Is it deep and wide and open or is it slightly more constricted and protected? Is your love authentic, from your soul or is it from your shell? When we move through this life we will experience many kinds of love, many ways to love, some deeply devotional, some nurturing, some needy and some that are there to fill in our cracks, the ones we can’t quite fill ourselves.

When we step into the power of love we notice this. The person or vehicle for our love is everything. They are perfect and we feel we can love forever, we feel we can love unconditionally. It is like a magic spell that we are under. Then that spell might break a little and we start to see flaws in that person. Maybe they aren’t the one after all? Maybe you keep looking to find that person to meet your needs? The more broken we are the more we keep searching, our spot light or radar for true love always on. This is the story of Krisha Das in the beautiful documentary, One Track Heart.

When he found his one love, his Guru, Mahara-ji he stopped looking for anyone to fill the voids. He had found just what he was looking for. He worshiped and adored him. Then Mahara-ji left his body and left Krishna Das broken again. How can anyone ever replace this one true love of his? He kept searching for years and no-one came close to his Guru. He took drugs and started on a path of destruction as he was not able to live without that love in his life. He couldn’t find it in himself.

Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes around in another form. – Rumi

After his second pilgrimage to India he realised that his talent for Kirtan  chanting was his new vehicle for love and so he sang and sang and people came from everywhere to be in his presence. The chanting and the music connected with people’s hearts, they too had come to find love. Das sung to his love, Mahara-ji and the audience could feel this transmission. As he said in the movie though, they thought they loved me, they thought they loved my music, but what they really loved was being in the presence of this wide open sky of love and connection. Here people felt safe, loved, wanted at ease. Here was the place people could let go of their rubbish, their fears, the stuff they were clinging to, their shadows and suffering. In the presence of the music they were getting nourished, getting what they needed.

We all need this love, this connection, when you are in the presence of love it is unconditional. This can be when you are chanting, doing yoga, sitting with someone who has shakti ( power and presence), while you are meditating, while your are walking or gardening or feeding your baby. When you sit in this state you will know. You will know because there will be no more fears, no comparisons, no judgements, no guilt or shame. There will just be you and the unconditional open love.

Practice for today: How can you be your own vehicle of love? How can you transmit this feeling to all those who cross your path today, like you are shining a spotlight of love from within you with every step of your day? What is your love song to the world?

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