134: 6 Qualities Yoga has Bought me

I feel gratitude that I have discovered something in life, like a constant friend always waiting there for me. Here are some of the states yoga has given to me. Whether it be yoga or some other discipline, I hope you find them too.

Love: Being in the presence of a great teacher makes you feel loved but being in the presence of  a visionary makes you want to love others also.

dalai lamaVision: While I can’t jump back from forward fold or do scorpion pose it gives me vision of where I can go to. There is always somewhere new and uncharted your can take your life

teacherHope: That if I lose pretty much all of my faculties my friend will still be there in some form, if not asana, maybe meditation, breathing, self study or just feeling ok to wear red dresses in the day without worrying what others think.

porchonDesire to Learn: I get so much pleasure from learning from the teachers that came before me. There are so many people out there doing amazing work that helps us to learn about ourselves and our place in the world.

iyengarFriendship: Without my community I would be a hermit and a horrible one at that.

yoga class

Fearlessness: I do something every day which gives me a flutter, whether it is going up side down or standing in front of twenty people teaching.


Practice for Today: Love is the absence of fear. With great teachers or mentors we can step out of what is holding us back to enjoy this one great life and step into joy. If you haven’t found something that brings out all or some of these qualities in you, if you haven’t found something to make you leap out of bed, keep searching, keep open and be patient.

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