135: Kind Streaker

kind manI had a little thought angel tell me yesterday that if it was possible I could get over one million people to do one kind act for one day. This came to me when I was reading about run streaks. Run streakers commit to running for one mile every day for as long as they live. They run in the rain, with broken bones, during illness, pregnancy and while drunk. The neophytes have been doing it for less than five years and the grand champions for nearly forty five years. It only takes them eight minutes. Run streak. I think this would be just as possible for acts of kindness. Kind streak.

Kindness is not something you are born with it is something that you manifest. Manifest means bring into the light. Kindness is a practice and it can be done fully clothed, while you are sick, pregnant or drunk. Kindness can be towards yourself or towards others. It gives you a buzz. Today I am practicing kindness towards myself by not doing yoga Asana. I have a slight injury and I have been pushing too hard. This is very difficult for  me to follow  because I practice everyday without fail. Today I also practiced kindness to the shop keeper who was blundering her way through the grocery order. I said to her ‘ you are doing a great job’. She told me it was her first day and how happy she was to have a great first customer. Simple act. Big buzz.

Practice for today: I don’t know one million people but there are 500 of you following this blog. So the practice for today is to do one kind act for yourself which is not born out of selfishness or greed but born out of what it is that you need to act on to make yourself a more beautiful person. Then follow up with one kind act for someone else. What I would really love is for you to tell me what came out of these two acts. You can write your answers here or on the facebook page. I’m very inquisitive to know more. Streak away!






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