133: Keeping It Simple

Sometimes when I teach yoga I break out a few different moves for the students. Maybe I feel that they would like to try new things or are bored with what I have been offering so I get all funky and complicated. It usualy ends in my own personal disaster of lefts and rights being reversed, stages being missed and some form of internal heat building in me. In short it’s messy.

simple 2

Life of course can be messy but in fact nature and living is quite simple. We just like to complicate things with too much choice. Too many answers and opinions.

Here are some reminders for the simplicity of live.

Everyone wants to be loved.

It’s that simple. So what you say or do or think should promote that. When your partner/child or you are having your own version of mess, anger or darkness just remember all they want is to be loved. So how can you meet that need in them right now. It’s not about their story, it’s not about their words, it’s not about their actions. It’s about their needs. Strip it back.

Sadhana. Spiritual practice.

let it go

Whatever you do to connect with your spiritual side or how you practice comes down to three essential thoughts as taught by Buddha. Be Kind. Be happy, Let go.


We have as many as 60,000 thoughts a day, most of them unnecessary and a lot of them complicating issues we have in our life. We tend to ‘over think’ things, we want solutions and answers. Creating a bit of time in your day or space in your body through yoga practices can simplify our issues. With space and time our thoughts become less distracted and more to the point.

Everyday living.

We complicate things with too much choice. This is when we shop, eat or decide about our fab mini break. We mistake wants for needs. Bringing more and more into your life just because you can, takes away your choice for living a simple uncomplicated life. Simple practices such as walking, eating uncomplicated meals, meditating, pondering, listening will streamline your life. Use what you have already and use it in a beautiful way.

simple food

Practice for today: How can you make things less complicated and go back to basics? Maybe it is clearing out your wardrobe or shopping for seasonal food. Maybe it is to stop trying so hard to solve an issue? What can you omit in your daily living so there is room for ease and grace today?


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