132: Courage Warriors

Courage comes from the Latin word for Core, Cur. At the very centre or our being, is our heart. This is our core and this is where our power comes from, this is where our courage resides. Here are some everyday ways to show your core to the world.

The courage to show up.

Showing up means you are there for whatever is being presented to you. It’s the going to the yoga class when you are overweight and unfit and everyone is dressed in shiny stuff. It’s the ability to be present to yourself which means you don’t run away from what is happening in your life, you stay the distance. It’s the facing the difficult conversations and the not deserting someone in need. There are so many ways you can ‘show up in your life’. Just being there especially when things are a bit tough takes courage.

The courage to be yourself.courage 3

People have many faces they show to the world. Have the courage to not worry about what anyone thinks about you. Have the courage to put a stake in the ground and say this is who I am. I am quirky, individual, unique and authentic. People like to see all the sides of someone. They like to see your vulnerability and your strength. Trying to be someone else to please someone else will just end in suffering for you.

The courage to say no.

It’s better to say no than to say yes to please and then later let them down. I know this because I say yes to everyone then no to the same people. It’s ok to disappoint people, it’s ok to think of your needs first. It’s not a competition to be liked.

The courage to speak your truth or words to the person you are speaking about.

If you have something on your mind it is better to tell that person than to bottle it up or to tell someone else. Talking to someone else about someone means you want more ballast for your fears. This won’t make the problem go away. If your issue is based in kindness then it is best to talk to the person involved.

The courage to persevere.

Wanting to give up is a very natural response to most of life. When something is difficult, inconvenient or not to our liking we want to push it away. We just want the cool stuff in our life. When you stick with something that is important to you even through the difficult times, only good will come. Remember the difficult bit will pass anyway.

The courage to listen.

No one wants to hear what the problem with them is. Even if they do hear it they go into denial labeling the giver of the news fools. It could be possible though, that the person telling you what you deny can see something a little more clearly in you than you can. What you see is your version of the world and not actually the truth, what they see is how you are in the world. Consider what someone tells you as having a grain of truth instead.

The courage to let go.

courage and letting go

Sometimes the hardest practice is to let go of what no longer serves you. People or habits that have taught us what we need to know already need to be put down so you can make space for  something new. What has happened in the past is now in the past and cannot be changed no matter how long you do your mental gymnastics with it. Let it rest.

Practice for today. The world needs warriors with hearts of monks. Today can you go out and do your best to be strong from the inside out. Being there for yourself and others and having the courage and wisdom to go the distance however that is presented to you today.

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