131: Owner’s manual

relationship 2There is an unwritten manual to operating me. It’s quite simple but often not referred to. In my manual, in my head, it is quite clear that if there is an earthquake of 7.2 magnitude my partner should ring me. Also featured heavily is, tell me you love me, look at me and appear interested when I’m speaking, anything you want to buy me to do with yoga will do nicely thanks, and I prefer not to talk about certain incidents in the past. Plus when you do that with your face I get angry/happy.

The most difficult thing on the planet are humans and the second most difficult are two humans together in a relationship who have either lost their manual or didn’t bother to get one. If you don’t know how to operate your partner,  maybe along the way you just lost interest and intrigue in the mystery of being human together.

To get a manual you actually have to care enough about some one to find out what they like and what makes them tick and it is not always that easy as things can change randomly from day to day. You need to understand how to make someone happy, how to stop an argument, what causes an argument, what they want for their birthday, how to get them to come home, come to bed or look after themselves. It requires careful observation and plenty of attention. Most importantly it requires wanting to actually know these things.

A manual will help you understand how to fix things when they are broken, what to do to earn points for your emotional bank balance with your partner and how to generally get on. A manual will tether you to each other.

Practice for today: If you have no idea about your partner use your powers of observation and interest to form some guidelines for your journey together. If you really care you can invest a bit of time to find out things about each other and write your own  masterpiece for living in harmony.

ps Wellington is being rocked by earthquakes today. Thanks to my lovely hair dresser/earthquake buddy who managed to keep it together with a pair of scissors in her hand. Ah life!

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