129: Lessons from an Earthquake

For those of you not lucky enough to live in a country that is giving itself a good shake up, literally, I would like to share what we can all learn about life by living through some mighty versions of the earth dancing rumba.

Build your foundations on solid ground; Sthira Sukham Asanam


When we move into a yoga pose we have a word for stability,  sthira. If we don’t root down into the ground with whatever body part is touching the floor, if we don’t maintain a connection with earth, spread our hands or toes wide, and feel the strength of the earth rise up in our limbs, we fall. We fall when we hurry into the poses, we fall when we don’t honor stability in our life, we fall when we don’t take time to make our base strong. This is the same with everyday living. If we rush into things just because we can, if we don’t take time to find out, explore and investigate then we don’t connect to the core foundations of what holds everything together. We lose grip in our relationships, we lose faith in ourselves, we don’t like our jobs or we end up not being bothered to live life fully. If we set up a firm base be it in our relationships, our hobbies or even the way we cook a meal then when the earth starts shaking, when problems arise, our fall is more gentle and we are able to assimilate the fluctuations with less damage.

Giving up control;

let go of control

Trying to control your external environment without exception will bring you grief. Making plans and contingency plans and ultimately going with the flow will be a smoother ride. People will let you down, you will get ill, something will be too difficult for you to do or an earthquake might come. My daughter had been planning for months for her school graduation ball on Saturday. When the earthquake came on Friday it set off a whole chain of events that basically meant none of the plans came to fruition. Oh Grief! If you think you are in control then you are living under a smoke screen of illusion. Keep making your plans and living your life but be prepared to sway like a willow tree when the southern wind blows. Don’t resist the ups and downs of life passing through you.

Just do your best;

do your best

It’s easy to do your best when you are happy, well, contented and life is running smoothly. When everything has been turned upside down though, this is when the real practice starts. Doing your best in adverse situations means letting go of the outcome you expected and trying to work though  the position you now find yourself in. If you do your best in every situation then you won’t be so judgmental on yourself if things don’t work out. If you do your best then you will be happier, more satisfied and you will enjoy life more. So; if you do have something traumatic happen in your life just try your best. Try to clean things up, help out, counsel, serve, support or give as best as you can without expecting reward. Try to pick up the broken pieces and put them together in a new way.

Practice for today: We just never know when nature will give us a boot up the butt and remind us that we are small specks living a fragile life. Today take time out to assess the foundations of your life. Ask yourself in what areas of my life am I not doing my best? Assess if letting go of what you want to control might help you ride the roller coaster of life, just like nature intended.

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