128: I’m loving it

Someone needs to inform McDonald s that love is a state verb. A state verb is one that you feel therefore in grammar we should use the base of the verb, I love it. This is the same with all emotions ( hate, need, desire want).

Love is a state in all of us and it is not necessarily something we have to act on. When we are in the state of love we are in attention with the vehicle for that love. If our child is sick we spend time and give attention to them. This is the same for people as it is for sports or hobbies. When we are in the state of love we are connected and we give our full presence to that which arouses this feeling in us.

Everyone wants to be loved, we really do. We spend vast amounts of time trying to give and receive love and this can cause angst and suffering. Maybe we invest a lot of our attention in one person or thing and it lets us down, we don’t feel the love coming back to us. The action of love then dries up. This is how we view it, we want love to be an action that flows out of us and then returns to us so we invest.

But what if love was really just a state? And what if you could harness that state and just ‘be’ love. How would your life be if you made yourself a beacon of love that  radiated out into the world. Like a lighthouse on the cliff you were just the light. You stopped trying to save all the boats, instead just became a pillar of light and love.

I can guess or help you imagine how this would be. You would stop making love conditional, you would stop judging what and who to love, you would be immersed instead of scattered and it would be like a miracle. You would become the best version of yourself and this would shine out of every part of you.

Practice for today: Who or what do you love? Can you shift your energy a little so you become a beacon of love as opposed to a giver or receiver?light houses. When you ‘be love now’ all the rest will follow nicely.

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