125: You Know You’re a Real Weirdo

One of the first nudges I got as a teacher to remind me that yogis were a little off the beaten path came in a comment.

I was walking up to take a class and asked a gent if he was coming. We were in the lift. He turned around and blurted.. ‘Hell no, you are all a bunch of weirdos’ to which the lift opened and shut and he disappeared.

Here are some simple guidelines for distinguishing the seasoned yoga weirdos  from the newbies

choclate cakeWhen you overindulge with cake, wine, chocolate and gossip you don’t beat yourself up, you think, I’m just being kind to myself. If I’m not kind to myself I can’t be kind to others.

You have an inability to get out of corpse pose at the end of class, even with people trampling over you.

When someone farts in class you just breath it in deeply.

When you are in pain in class during a pose you say to yourself just breathe through it.

When your friends have problems you say just breathe through it.

You can meditate on public transport.

You start to notice poor postures and people start to notice you noticing them so they sit bolt upright when you walk into a room.

You start to think that weird practices like saline rinses and heavy snorting sound ok.

You think nothing of shelling out a few thousand dollars to soak up the karmic rays of your teacher/guru.

Power cuts don’t bother you because you can feel the light from within.

You don’t wait for your change at the store because you know that change comes from within also.

You have bored so many friends with talking about yoga that you turn to blogging.

All your friends have tattoos that make appearances in strange positions.

That your love for the practice is so deep and vast you would do anything for it.

Practice for today: Live without regret, march to the beat of your own drum. Don’t worry what others think of you, be authentic and free. Just love what you do from head to tail and do it as best as you can. Try not to judge others if what they do seems a little weird to you.



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