124: Flow or Resist?

life is a series of changesWhen we practice yoga we have a choice about how to move our bodies. We can either push and strain through the poses trying to get to some imaginary goal or we can feel the pose in our body and move to a place that is in synchronicity with our breath and physical capability. When we find this alignment the energy flows smoothly through us.

You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you, where you are resisting your natural state. – Sharon Gannon

When we walk through life it can be the same. We can push and struggle trying to get somewhere, some goal or we can make our plans, do the best we can and see where that takes us. If we push too hard trying to create something that is not meant to be, we just create stress and fear. Rivers move into the areas of least resistance, so do sheep walking over hills, electricity and wind blowing through towns.

non resistanceResisting life can cause some problems. What we resist persists. What we try to hold on to with white clenched knuckles will fall out of our grasp. If we are trying to change ourselves or change others, or just trying too hard  we will contract. Resistance lead us down a the river but instead of flowing  around the rocks we will find ourselves head banging each one on the journey. Everything that we resist whether it be in the form of relationships, changing habits or lifestyles, certain people or ideas create a form of suffering in our life. If we focus on all the things we don’t want then we only have energy for those feelings.

However if we change our viewpoint to accepting change and challenges into our life then we shift our attention to expansion. We get great energy, abundance and feel more possibility from embracing each of these changes as they enter our life.

Practice for today: How does resistance show up in your life. Is it holding on to anger or resentment? Is it cherishing your beliefs to the detriment of others? Is it resisting change in any form in your life? Whatever your path of resistance is, would it be possible for you to step more into the flow of life? Would it be possible to take down some of the barriers you have erected?

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