117: What we can Learn from Nature

lao tzuMost of the yoga poses originated from careful observation of nature. Dog pose, tree, fish, turtle, mountain to name a few. Each of the poses is meant to embody or emulate the feeling of there natural origins. We can learn alot about life by thinking and looking at nature. Nature is an intelligent system of life. It wasn’t until humans came along with their left and right brains, logic and arguement that nature took a derivation.


Trees are firmly rooted in the earth, they have strong foundations but their limbs move with the breeze. They know they are a tree and they be the best tree they can just by being. They don’t look at other trees and judge themselves as to whether they are bigger or better or more attractive. When they lose their leaves they float to the earth without trying to control their landing. Trees change instinctively with the seasons, knowing when it is time to flourish and time to rest.


Dogs are fluid movers of their spines. They know when they wake that they should stretch, so do cats. They instinctively know how to rest and conserve energy or when to run. They usually only eat what they need. They are forgiving and don’t hold grudges. They love you no matter what you look like or what you do.  They don’t care how much you earn. They see you marvel each and every day.


Rivers  are drawn towards a greater energy source than themselves, the sea. They don’t try to cling to the banks and hang on to what they think they need out of fear. They are a self cleansing body, constantly sweeping through debris or clearing out toxins. The fill the space they are in, without trying to overpower it.


Bees aerodynamically shouldn’t be able to fly, but no one has told them so they just keep on doing it. They aren’t held back by what others think they can or can’t do.


Clouds constantly form and dissipate They are forever moving and changing, sometimes they cover the sun, sometimes they let the sun shine. A lovely reminder that everything changes and that if you feel stuck now the clouds will soon part.


Without the sun there would be no life. The sun feeds us through plants. Everything is connected on this earth. We are all part of nature, not in charge of nature. Everything in this world is in delicate balance. One piece of nature is not trying to control another, they are all just existing, being exactly what they are.

einstein nature

Practice for today: What can you learn about how to act from nature? If you are unsure of how to act in a situation ask yourself, what would a tree, dog, river, cloud or bee do? Ask yourself this question if you doubt yourself, feel shame or guilt, feel unhappy, lonely or disconnected.



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