105: Ground Control

rocketFirst there was the email I didn’t want to read, the message.

Ground Control to Major Tom………………

closely followed by a reving up of my internal heat, joining hands with the shouting in my head

commencing countdown, engines on……………

The pounding in my head now threatening to burst the amigdala in my brain

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on….

This is how it begins. I wondered to myself where is my enlightenment when I need it. No hat or protein pills were going to help me with this one. What I needed was to ground myself.

When we get revved up at work or in relationship, when we read the email that chokes our air out of our body, when we get the text that messes with your mind, where do you go?

In yoga we are taught to ground down into the earth with our hands or feet. This grounding helps us connect to the stable part in our pose so when we get knocked off balance we have a tool that references us back to our centre.

Getting grounded is a good place to go when things get out of control. Grounding is a simple technique to help you connect to the unchanging part of yourself and to give you a few moments to pause, take a deep breath and then respond. When we ground ourselves before reaction we can then foster better judgement and see things slightly differently. When we are charged with the electricity of emotion we are more liable to make those deal breaker comments, the ones that we can never go back on.

How to ground yourself. An emergency technique you can use everyday.

Take a breath feel and your feet on the ground. Like you are plugging down into the source of all power, your power.

Witness all that is around you externally. Take in the sights and sounds, smells and action. This is connecting or grounding you to your external world.

Now observe what you feel internally. Where is the heat or constriction, where is the fear or pain? Don’t deny the feelings but try to sit in without judgement of them. just feeling. This is grounding to your internal world. This is the process that connects our internal world to our external world and it is a circuit breaker. Now you can move forward.

When something feels threatening to us , it is just a historical malfunction of our limbic system. Usually it is not as bad as you imagine, just slightly difficult, sometimes uncomfortable.

Practice for today: Try the grounding technique without threat. Sit quietly and try it on. Maybe it will be your Major Tom next time you need help.

3 Comments on “105: Ground Control

  1. Hi I just wanted to let you know that you have a new follower. I was forwarded your posts by wife – to my work. I think you and your words are amazing. I read your words every day – and they seldom fail to strike a chord. Being grounded and being real – hmmmm now wouldnt that be amazing to be like that every day . . .

    • Hello Richard thank you for your lovely feedback, I’ve printed it out and it’s on my computer to remind me to keep going each day. Just what I needed.

      • oh and yes it would be amazing to be like that every day, it’s a practice this life that’s for sure. Keep the practice up my friend

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