103: Going to your Happy Place

mudra 3Every Friday night without fail I go to my happy place. It’s a bottle of bubbly wine and a romantic comedy (people who do yoga are humans too). Somewhere between the cheap high of the Co2 and some tryst on the screen I think, ‘life isn’t that bad’.

Then I remember what  those cheery Buddhists would say, ‘ you can’t find happiness in external things, you must go within’. So where and how do you get to this place within you that is always drinking champagne and watching round the dial rom coms?

The teachings say that within you is a place that remains unchanged regardless of external circumstances. This is the place we drop into when we do yoga or meditate, walk, garden or paint. It is often referred to as awareness or consciousness. People who have permanently checked out of hotel unhappy are said to be enlightened.

This inner refuge or sanctuary can be accessed at any time if you know how.

Firstly you must create an anchor for peace, spirit, awareness or whatever you want to label it. An anchor is a tool you use when you have lost yourself, feel down or confused or maybe in pain. To create the anchor you must practice a technique when you are feeling good. For eg you can simply join you thumb and first or second finger together to make a Mudra. Do this when you are in a good space. Do it many many times, this is the practice. When you make your Mudra sense out the feeling of calm, joy and peace in the moment. You have now created an anchor. The anchor could be breathing or tapping between the eyes or placing one hand on your belly or heart.

Next time you have lost your road map, use your Mudra to bring you back to that place within you, that unchanging stable, beautiful city of light.

Practice for today. Create an anchor and practice it throughout the day. Like placing two wires together to charge you with the positive, may your find your happy place today.

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