101: Life Contracts

child in fieldWhen we sign up for this life what sort of contract do you think you are getting yourself in to? Did you read the fine print? I thought you would like to read the fine print of mine, always nice to compare.

Gabrielle…..Your life will be filled with the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows and in between will be boredom, confusion, difficulties and illness. At times you won’t have any idea what you are doing, at other times you will be leading the pack. It’s quite possible that you will make something of yourself, but it’s more likely you will lead an ordinary life. Since we have chosen the western developed world for you, you will have enough food and money but you will never actually see that. You will have love and pain and some people will desert you and leave you wondering. You will dwell on the bad things in your life for too long and you will quickly forget what you have.

Everything you worry about will never happen.

Luckily we have a nice job jacked up for you as a yoga teacher when you are older, but to get there you will hate nearly everything you do and agonize over why your life hasn’t quite got there.

We have an interesting array of people that we will loan to you, some of them we will take away from you without asking. Some of them you will mistreat, and hurt in one way or another and not even know it, that’s why we gave you a sense of humor so you can see the funny side in your own faults. When you are lacking in company we are going to ship you an array of straggly animals to take care of. Each one of them will also leave you and that’s going to break your heart.

Your first family was ok, but we have a better one lined up for you. They are going to be your real teachers in this world. You’ll waste hours of your life arguing with them but in the end you will always see the futility of it. Oh and we are going to make you quite healthy excect when you start getting too cocky we are going to break something in your body to pull you back into line.

Good luck with all of that. Sign here_______________________________ The Universe.

Practice for today: You will see we haven’t written eternal happiness into this contract. We feel that for you, the best way you can be happy is to accept everything on your conveyor belt. You see, if you just try to pick off the good times you will be unhappy, most definitely. Today accept the whole kaleidoscope of your life.

5 Comments on “101: Life Contracts

  1. Ahh, I didn’t realize you were in New Zealand! I am in Georgia in the United States….so in relation to New Zealand, my guess is that it might be too far for you. =)

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