96: From Head to Heart

heart poseI have tried many teaching methods for yoga, like trying on clothes, just finding my way trying to work out who I am or what type of teacher I am.

When I first began teaching one of my teachers said to me, watch her, she’s a chameleon. Don’t you just hate people who hit the nail on the head? He was right, I would watch myself be a version of what ever yoga teacher had just crossed my path.One day I’m all mysterious guru type, the next I’m like the class clown.Some days all studious analytical, dissecting every move.

The other day when I was teaching I missed a whole side out. When I realised it I had this gripping ‘oh no’ moment and panicked for at least a minute. Will I go back and do it, should I say something?

All of the above is teaching from the head. The head is the place where we judge ourselves. The head is the place where we fear not being liked or being good enough. The head is the place of analysis, questions, problem solving and fear. The head is the container of the gremlins of suffering.

The biggest journey you will make is from your head to your heart. Sioux saying.

I invite the students to get out of their head and into their body. Being embodied is the place of presence where the suffering stops and you just breathe. You can’t judge or hate or fear when you are out of your head and in your body.

Your will know when you are in your head when you seek approval from others, when you want to control a situation, when you analyze, when you fear the unknown. You will know you are in your body when you have no limitations, are your true authentic self, are fearless and have infinite creativity.

The head will most likely take you on the wrong path.

The heart will lead you to your true self, which is one motivated by love.

Practice for today. If you find yourself sitting in judgement today of yourself of others, comparing or analysing or not being present to the flow of life, just stop for a minute. Place your hand on your heart and breathe. If you are lost or need guidance stop asking your head, this place of the heart knows far more. Go there.


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