85: Yoga in Cartoons

Here are some of my favourite depictions of everything that I have been talking about, it’s all yoga.

1) The cycle of helplessness: If you don’t change anything, nothing changes. Artist ?


2) Being Authentic. Being your true self is how the world really wants to see you. Being someone else to make others happy, or hiding behind a mask is not being your true self. Artist Depression Comix

authentic self

3) Your thoughts. We all have the same thoughts, around 60, 000 a day. None of them are new and we are no different to anyone else in what we think. We are all connected, all one. Art A Zilliondollarcomics

thinking you are alone

4) Life has its ups and downs. But There is always a pull over where you can gather yourself, a lull in the storm to watch out for. Artist Dave Walker

lifes ups and downs

5) It’s physiologically impossibleĀ  to feel happy and said at the same time. One is the antidote for the other. Art Hyperbole and a Halfenhanced-buzz-24151-1379534418-14

Practice for today: What is your comic state today? Which one of these pictures can you print off and carry around to remind you that our practice is everywhere, whether it be in seeking change or seeing things the way they really are.

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