84: By your Grace

grace 2In Anusara yoga one of the key alignment points is ‘open to grace’. I loved to hear this line but had little inkling as to what they were talking about. Gradually over time of listening, experiencing and watching I see grace unfold in the little moments of each day. Grace is a concept that needs to be experienced and felt and is not something that can be conjured up, but something that we gradually, over time, make contact with. Grace brings us clarity, strength and wakes us up.

Last night at a concert some strangers offered to buy me a drink. I didn’t have any cash so I was sitting there without and they asked me why I didn’t have a drink. After I explained suddenly not one but two people extended $5 notes to me and said, here, take this. This is  the grace of giving. It is like your well is filled with goodness and you see no reason to hold back with kindness and generosity. In a flash you realise that by enacting on your natural urges towards grace the world will be a better place.

We all hear the ‘call to grace’ but we so often don’t follow it. Sometimes it would appear that when we listen to our intuition or our inner voice, we damp it down in case we lose something in the transaction. We may feel that if we open to grace in a particular moment we won’t have any more to give, enough for ourselves, or that the recipient of our grace may become better or more than us. I often feel this in teaching yoga. Should I tell them everything I know? I hear the voice just share what you know and then I hear the voice, hold something back so you can know more.

“To open to Grace is to ask that only loving, helpful thoughts remain in our minds, and all the rest be let go”. Marianne Williamson

We can experience moments of grace in our inner wisdom. The voice that tells us to stop, or go on, or give or pull back. The voice that lets us know our direction or what it is we should be doing in that moment. Grace is the voice of generosity. If we lead a life filled with grace we become the well of overflowing water. There is enough for us and enough for those around us.

When do you hold back in your life or not give as much as you know you should? When do you instead of opening to grace, contract with fear and grip tightly?

“Grace wakes us up when we are asleep, brings light to where there is darkness and removes obstacles from our path”.Krishna Das

Practice for today: Grace is undefinable by logic and is of mystical essence. By tapping into your inner resources today and by listening carefully you will know exactly what to do and say and how to act out of grace and generostiy. Today listen for the grace that might save others and grow you.

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