79: Flower your Power

powerYesterday I took a dangerous shortcut through a department store. I knew it was dangerous because I would have to navigate through the mine field, a gambit of woman all wielding make up weapons, ready to strike. I got two steps inside the door and forgot my resolve to keep walking and picked up some product. Game on. Two seconds later I was in the chair and having more product thrust at me. My face was getting lathered up into a mess of chemicals and colour and the artist was so close I could faintly smell her lunch.

Giving away my power. I do it to lawyers, doctors and makeup artists. When it comes to these I have no answers. Tell me what I need, tell me what to do, tell me who I am, tell me is this the in colour this season?

We all give away our power to some extent except we don’t often know we are doing it. We take others’ advice, we say yes to things we don’t want, we agree when we most definitely don’t and we stop believing in ourselves as the one who knows. I am trying to teach my teenage daughter the power of saying no. She doesn’t want anyone to be offended or not like her so she says yes to doing many things she doesn’t want to do.

We all have a source of power within us that never leaves us. Power is different to strength. Strength comes and goes with age, illness and different fitness levels, but power never leaves us. We have the power to say no, I disagree, I can’t, I’m not able to, but often we don’t. We do what we are told. We take our kool-aid of life and suck it up as if someone is pulling us on strings. We become the spineless arthropods of our own lives.

Here are some ways to reestablish that innate power within you.

Choose what you eat.

Read labels, ask questions and power yourself up with knowledge. Don’t give your power away with what you ingest. If you need to find out more about food, Mind body green has lots of articles to arm you.

Polite but Firm

It’s OK to say no in a polite way. You need to be firm with the persistent, you know those people, the ones who won’t take no or make you feel like rubbish if you do say no. Learn that it’s OK to say no, they will get over it.

Be Worthy

Often I give my power away by thinking I am not enough. I don’t know enough, I am not good enough, I need someone to teach me or tell me. Try to understand that where you are on your journey is perfect for you right now. Others just know different things to you and operate differently. This doesn’t mean that you are not as good as them. Just that you are different.

Believe in the power of your own judgements.

Stop seeking advice or help. What you need to know is within you. Be your own best friend.

Practice for today. Where do you give away your power and dilute your inner resolve? If you are feeling powerless today, like no one is listening, break out a big bold warrior 2 pose and see how you feel after that. Try to no fall victim to your self-doubt.

You have the power to say this is not how my story will end

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