76: If Not Now?

if not now whenI often feel myself judging people who say they don’t have time for yoga. Course they do, they just don’t want to. Maybe they are worried or afraid, maybe they might not be good at it, maybe they will embarrass themselves. So a good method is to put it off until they are ‘able’ to.

We all have our own forms of this and today I had mine. After eating 4 crackers, some cheese, a cup of tea, a mandarin, lighting a fire, reading a hundred mind sucking web sites, I realised I have run out of time to write this blog and panic is setting in. Ah panic the great motivator.

Procrastination is a form or life avoidance. Sometimes we  can’t do or complete something because we are  bored, in a bad mood, don’t believe in ourselves, uninspired, want something to be perfect or we are just plain lazy. Not getting on with something that we know we need to do has a downward spiraling effect. The thought of it just sits there taking up all our brain space, bringing stress and tension to our day.

There are many things that I have put off doing, mainly the big ticket numbers. The ones that mean that I might fail. The ones that put me on show, where I am liable to be judged. However this is where our greatest spiritual growth comes from, getting up, showing up and doing the best you can.

Here are some tips for getting on with your life.

Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the Sutras – “Atha yoganusasanam” Now the study of yoga begins. Atha= Now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but Now.

Most procrastinators are perfectionists. It feels safer to only attempt things you can do well. This often means not trying new things. However, life is one big messy journey  and the sooner you embrace this messiness the more likely it is that you will jump into that pose you have never attempted. Be the best you can for 80% of your time.

Be honest with yourself. Do you put things off when you don’t know how to do something? Maybe you want to try handstand in class? Would it hurt you to ask the teacher to assist you? Would it hurt you to  call upon the universe when you need it?

When task seems too large break it into smaller chunks. I know that if I am ever going to walk on my hands I am going to have to do one tenth of the pose every day for a long time rather than just trying to leap into the sky.

If you are really stuck  try anything to get started. Put the first brush marks on the canvas, unroll your mat and just sit there, get out the pen and paper.

Practice for today: What are you putting off either because of fear, pain, anxiety, laziness or perfection. You know what it is you need to do.

10 Comments on “76: If Not Now?

  1. I really enjoyed the simplicity of bold examples and realistic consequences. Thank you for sharing this. It made me laugh and light up. Love, Sky

  2. Very appropriate in my own life where I tend to put off yoga or other exercise until all the excuses are gone.

    • true we only have now. I think that if we have choice that we should move to what is calling the loudest at the present moment. Keep up the practice

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