73: Whose Life is it Anyway?

it is what it isOn a scale of 1-10 how interesting is what you are doing compared to what someone else is doing or saying? It seems that we can spend a great deal of our day living in someone else’s life, conversation or actions and forgetting about our own. The conversations go like this …………He said or did that….., she should really …., it would be best if she…… I can’t believe what x is getting up to… did you hear about ….? Why don’t you……? Or how about this morning just before yoga class started. I was chatting to a friend when a woman got up and came over from her mat and told us to shush, or shut up or something that involved an irritated look and pursed lips. Apparently we should be quiet, we should be contemplative, we should have more respect.

So for the first ten minutes I then lived her life. She must have issues, she looks unstable, she shouldn’t be so rude, she needs to do more yoga, she needs to take a chill pill? I guess that she was doing the same. Both of us living each others lives either because ours isn’t that important or we forgot to just mind our own business.

When we want things to be different to what they are we often jump on to how it should be with other people. The If Onlys. Trying to change the If Onlys or trying to live in someone else’s drama is a waste of your life. If you are living some one else’s life you can’t be living your own very well.

Better to put down your values and judgements and see things as being as they are. It is what it is. The more we cling to the way we think things should be the more we will suffer.

Practice for today: Catch yourself trying to live the life of someone else. Who and what are you trying to change? How would it be for you if you paid more attention to your baggage rather than trying to live mentally in someone else’s suitcase?

5 Comments on “73: Whose Life is it Anyway?

      • I often wonder about our baggage…
        Do we work on cleaning them out?
        Do we work on strength to carry them?

  1. Swami used to insist, “You are the most interesting person you will ever meet.” At the time, for most of us in the ashram, it was revolutionary.
    But the other lesson, as you demonstrate, is to get beyond our own egos and flow into everything around us, including compassion and understanding for others.
    That’s when this life gets really interesting!

    • I Love that! thank you… the most interesting person you will ever meet. It feels like a whole new blog post right there.

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