68: Willingness

willingI feel that generally I’m a nice person, tries hard, plays by the rules, tries to be kind etc, but often times when I study my natural tendencies I see a person who is having an argument with the way of the world. Things are not always quite how I want them, people don’t do exactly what I want, the yoga class I went to is not quite right. It’s a struggle and a battle to live in this skin.

When we talk about the concept of surrender we don’t mean giving up or giving in, it is more a subtle shift of energy that allows you to step out into the world without too much judgement or control. I prefer to think of is as willingness, allowing yourself to meet the world as it meets you.

What are you willing to be like today?

Are you willing to forgive, let go, be patient, tolerant or flexible? Are you willing to be present, show up? Are you willing to learn, to change, to look at yourself? Are you willing to give, to care for yourself?

Are you willing to live your life fully without argument?

Are you willing to love fully?

Are you willing to accept every part of yourself just the way you are? To be truly authentic?

Where the heart is willing you will find a way for any direction you want to go in. The path of intention is paved in willingness.

Practice for today: Be willing to be whatever it is that is required of you today and watch how the world flows.

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