66: Upside down You’re Turning Me

faith vs fearIt was marketed as an ‘easy handstand workshop’, which may as well have read ‘how to get rid of all your emotional baggage in one easy step’. It was time to tackle my aversion to the inversion and see what going upside down could teach me about my life.

Feeling the fear.

When we are presented with a project in life that gives us  that ‘how am I going to achieve that, I’m not up to that, it’s too big for me that gut clenching feeling’ what do you do? Sit it out and do nothing? Fling yourself into it? Or deal with the steps of it one by one? You can’t get into handstand if you just watch, life is not an observation sport. You can’t get into handstand if you rush at it like a bull, all limbs and abandon. What you have to do is break it down into tiny bite size pieces of faith. Put your hands on the ground, hug your forearms in (still no fear) lift your hips over your shoulders (still no fear). Feed your fear with pieces of the success cake first. What is it of this project you can do? Then your fear will become more manageable, and less fearful.

Connect to your inner strength.

Part of the failure for me in handstands is that I fling myself up with no control of my lower limbs. It’s like a disconnect between the upper half and lower half of the body. When your life is out of control, or your body, find what anchors you or brings you strength. In handstand it is the connection of the core to join the upper and lower half of your  body. In a work situation where you feel you are  going under, you need to find an anchor to keep coming back to, something that stabilises you and makes you whole again. When you are under stress or pressure you need to find connection to your inner strength as opposed to the feeling of being tossed in the clothes drier.

Be Present to the Now?

Focusing on the outcome of your situation changes the whole game. When you focus only on the outcome you become too attached to the results. If you are only driven by the results you will disappoint yourself somewhere along the way. At the easy hand stand workshop I thought I was actually going to do a handstand. If the outcome, the result, the income or the praise is what you are focusing on you will not engage with the process. The process is the joy. The process is where we learn. The process is what is happening right now to you in this moment. Bringing your attention to where you are and what is happening now will ensure success whatever the outcome.

Practice for today. If you feel your life is a little out of control, you are under stress or pressure or you can not see the end in sight follow these  golden rules. Break it down into bite size chunks. Regain control over the things that you need to stabilise and ground you. Focus on what is at hand right now.

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