64: 6 Tips for the Fountain of Youth

iyengaIt’s not unusual for people to comment to me that ‘I look well’ or that they are surprised by my age. But then when I look at my students and fellow yogis I think the same. There appears to be some vitality about their body and spirit that keeps them looking and acting younger than their chronological age.

The yogi’s of old  believed that they could access the fountain of youth by retaining the elixir known as Amrita which is secreted out of a small gland in the back of the head. For the average person this just drains away into the cavity of your body  taking your life force with you. The yogi’s knew better. They would stand on their head so the nectar would run back into their body. They also had a practice known as swallowing the cow in which they cut the attachment of their tongue and sort of swallowed it back into their throat to catch the liquid.

You may or may not stand on your head every day or be willing to drink your own brain honey, so here are some everyday thoughts about keeping your youthfulness through yoga.

Yoga keeps you interested in life.

The quality of you life is directly related to how interested you are in it. The more you are interested in yourself and your relationship to the world, the more you find out about health and well being and the more you practice curiosity, the more life you will bring in.

Yoga helps you to love your life a bit more.

When you love what you do  you live longer. The action of love and surrender are critical to our well being. If we don’t love what we do, if we are bored or disinterested in our daily living, if we live without inspiration then we drain our energy. Love or bring love to what you do, or don’t do it. When you are in love your skin will glow with radiance.

Yoga helps control your thought patterns

When you are aware of your habitual thought patterns you become less controlled by them. This sets the way for more clarity of mind and when you mind is clear your body doesn’t resonate with the vibrations of negativity. This in turn helps allay disease and blockages. How we think affects our biology.

Yoga gives you vitality.

When you practice yoga you acquire more energy. You are less likely to look and feel dull and are less likely to partake in mind sucking activities like over eating and surfing the web.

Yoga helps you see what is right for you.

When you become more aware of your body and how it works you can feel more in control of what to put into it and what to take away from it. Your senses become more heightened the more you study causal relationships in your body and mind.

Yoga gives you space.

This time to be on your own and by yourself, to study, learn, nourish heal and grow are so important for maintaining our everyday balance in life.

Practice for today: How can you bring more yoga into your everyday life? If all else fails eat lots of green veges, they are said to naturally dye your hair from the inside out.



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