62: Keep on Going

don't give upGiving up can be so easy. Last night with the gale force winds and bad energy it was bringing I wanted to give up. Give up being a Mother, give up cooking and cleaning and writing, give up my relationship and curl into a ball somewhere else. Suddenly I didn’t want my life anymore. I wanted some ones elses’ easier life. Avoidance and pizza suddenly seemed like a good idea.

We are given so many opportunities for growth and development but so many  of them fall in the too hard basket. It’s easier not to change, it’s easier to fail, it’s easier to not get back up, it’s easier to give in. It’s easier to fall apart in a crumbling heap on the ground.

Here are some times we may want to give up on ourselves.

When we a mistake.

Mistakes can bring around a feeling of shame, inadequacy, fear or embarrassment especially when we are trying to be so perfect. Mistakes are messy. Allow your life to be messy, watch the mistakes as they are your teachers.

When we can’t do something.

My favourite saying from a student is ‘I can’t do that’. I ask them ‘how many times have you tried?’ To be able to do something or do it well you need to practice. Look at all the hours a ballerina puts into doing the same move over and over and over until it become second nature.

When something is too hard.

Somethings are difficult and hard and messy. Some things we make difficult, hard and messy. If something is difficult in your life break it down into the key components. If you are doing handstand work at strengthening the core. If you are trying to re do your whole house look at the small and simple things, just chipping away at what you can do.

When we have lost our will power.

Will power comes from discipline. Discipline comes from practice. Wanting to practice comes from your desire for change and the benefits that change will bring you. Invest in your own will power by understanding the benefits of staying with what is. If you have lost inspiration turn to what inspires you, maybe a book or a teacher or nature. Get more creative with the mundane.

In essence yoga is a practice of observing your actions and reactions. When you reach those days that are messy, hard and you want to give up, be the observer of this reaction rather than the doer. Plant the seeds of commitment to what it is that you want to stick with and your practice will take a on a life of its own regardless of your resistance.

Practice for today: Whatever form your internal struggle of commitment is taking, be it in your relationship, your job, with your children or your yoga practice ask yourself…’what is the value of giving up now and what is the value of staying the course?’ What would your life look like if you gave up on yourself right now?

2 Comments on “62: Keep on Going

  1. Having my own business has taught me this – that these feelings will come, no matter what. They will come to someone who pushes boundaries and steps outside their comfort zone. We make mistakes when we try something new. We feel we cant do something when we are in a situation that we have no experience or feel we don’t have the resources. We feel its too hard when we don’t have the current knowledge and skills to to something. I used to think these were signs of failure, of not being good at what I do. But now I see these thoughts as a reminder that I am progessing and growing, that as a business person they are the right feelings!

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