59: Am I enough?

i_am_enough_abundance_quote_square_canvas_pillowSome-days I feel I live in joyful abundance where there is no wanting, no greed. Other days I fall back into my childhood conditioning of there never being enough. Never enough money, time, food or knowledge. When I am in this state of fear I become niggardly. Like a two year old I become brattish trying to hoard my time, knowledge and avocados from my family.

When we want something it is usually to fill a gap that something is missing in our life. Maybe we feel we don’t have enough money or clothes. Maybe we want a bigger house or newer car. Maybe like me you want to do every yoga teacher training course that was invented. The reasons we want these things is we are a little afraid that what we have is not quite enough. We may feel that if we get whatever it is then we will be happier, more content.

The problem with this grasping whether it be for things, concepts, people or time is that you are setting yourself up for failure. Firstly because the nature of the world is impermanence, what we once desired and then got will become old, broken, useless, lost or no longer desirable. Secondly our cravings are really never satisfied, when we obtain the prize we move the bar up a notch to the next desire. We stay on the treadmill of need permanently trying to fill our cravings of emptiness and  fear, of never having or being enough.

How do we shift this feeling of emptiness or fear into one of abundance? We need to start to move our mind set to contentment and gratitude. Instead of feeling we don’t have enough we need to appreciate what we do have. Appreciate your food, your house, what yoga poses you can already do, the job you already have. We need to start realising that we are good enough, brave enough, rich enough, fed enough. We need to start to see that there is enough to go around for everyone.

How would your day be today if you changed your mindset from one of grasping to one of wholeness in which you acknowledged that there is enough of whatever you need? What you have now is enough? Where you are now is enough?

Practice for today: Examine where you fall into the wanting more basket and when you feel abundance. What can this tell you about where you think you are lacking in your life? Try to shift this feeling of not enough to good enough.

3 Comments on “59: Am I enough?

  1. Of course, this hunger also prompts us to move forward in our spiritual practice. Otherwise, we might rest on false contentment.

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