58: How am I doing Today?

ahimsa 2The Ashtanga system of yoga has some guidelines to follow that hopefully will lead you to a state of bliss. This state of bliss is the end point or 8th tier  of all our hard work on the ladder of doing the right thing and practicing your life well. I like to think of them as a personal check list as to my greatness for the day. Below is a simplified guideline to living well and being a good person. If you can check off about 3 or 4 of them you are on the right track.

Ask yourself these questions;

1) Have I harmed myself in any way? Through being unkind to yourself in any way shape or form, or thinking unkind things about yourself. Have I been unkind to those around me? Have I thought unduly of them or judged others?

2) Was there some part of the day that I lied? Not white lies, but the kind that you say to save your butt. The kind where your intention is not good. Have I not been honest with myself in any way?

3) Have I taken anything that was not freely given to me? This can range from a pen at work to someone’s time by talking too much at them.

4) Have I kept something only for myself and not shared it. I did this the other day when I shared some information only with one teacher and not all of them. Have I hoared or held something for my benefit and use only?

5) Is my life clean? Do my thoughts and actions come from a pure place?

6) What have I been content with today? Have I appreciated and been grateful for what I already have or is there a yearning for something else?

7) Have I exuded a zeal and zest for life, giving something my all, my attention, my effort?

8) Did I spend a moment of my day looking and studying my behaviour, considering the effects of my actions on others and myself? Have I thought about what parts of me are good but what parts of me require a brush up?

Practice for today: Take a moment to see where you can improve on living well and where you are doing OK. Don’t be harsh on yourself, just be real. If you are practicing some of the towards yourself and others, you will make a fine yogi and lots of people around you very happy ………as well as yourself.



One Comment on “58: How am I doing Today?

  1. Thank you for your thoughtful post especially the ahimsa badge. It reminded me of one of my son’s old tee-shirts from India with a lion and a sheep with their arms around each other. It reads “Good friends don’t eat each other”…

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