57: 10 On the Go techniques for Stress and Worry

stress 3Stress is the main cause of around 80% of our dis-ease. Sometimes it is the small things that can really set us off. Our level of reaction is an indicator of how far up the stress Cline we have climbed. Maybe we are locked out or we are late and suddenly we are out of control. Here are some ways to ease some calm into your everyday so you can keep the stress levels at bay.

1) Get up 15 minutes earlier and use the time to either prepare and eat a healthy breakfast slowly, do a few stretches or breathing exercises or sit in meditation for a few moments.

2) Say no more often

3) Avoid negative people, time suckers and emotional suckers.

4) Ask for help especially with jobs you can’t do or dislike

5) Practice grace under pressure. When it is really coming at you try to look at it as if you are the observer of this drama rather than the main actor.

6) Break overwhelming tasks into small manageable chunks

7) Stop saying negative things to yourself

8) Be aware of the choices you make and the possible consequences they can have

worry 29) Stop focusing on tomorrow as being a better today

10) Change your viewpoint towards challenges.The obstacles are the way through.

Practice for today: If you feel stressed now, take some time out to walk or breath or do yoga. Looking after yourself is non-negotiable. You have important work to do in this world and you will be no good to anyone if you put everyone elses’ needs first.



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