55: The Hungry Goat

abundanceThe Tibetan Buddhists say that within each of us is a hungry goat. This goat is insatiable and can never be fed enough. I considered this as I stared into my empty fridge trying to plan dinner. A couple of eggs, some wilted broccoli, peanut butter and some pickle.

When I looked into the fridge I didn’t see what I had so much as what I lacked. I needed more stuff to fill that hungry hole of a goat fridge. And this is how we live our days, constantly seeking more and not seeing what we already have. Some of us look for it in money, some with fame, some with spiritual practice, others knowledge. Personally my goat becomes ravenous with wanting to know more. I never feel that I quite know enough. I over study and over plan my classes. I am presently in a state of having every book I ever owned spread around me desperately trying to piece together another project. Always looking for what I don’t have. Forever deferring to a higher source of knowledge.

The yogis say that this constant source of desire brings us suffering as we can never quite fill that hole of our desire. We feed the goat then it wants more. Their advice is simple. Start with what you have. Use what you have got. Be what you already are. When we connect to what we have we no longer start to see our life as filled with lack but filled with abundance. We can look into the fridge and see a meal with what we have. We can look at our house and car and job and be grateful. We can appreciate that we know enough, have enough and are already enough to do what it is that we need to do today.

Practice for today: Bring awareness to any sense of lack or missing you may have in your life. Do you really need that person, that object, that acknowledgement to fill a hole you think you have? Or is everything you need already there?



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