53: Truth be Told

truthOne of the wonderful side effects that yoga has on us it that we start to wake up. Our body wakes first, all the crooks and creases start to straighten out. Our breathing follows next with the soft silky breath we learn to chase and adhere to in each pose and then finally we become more conscious to our mind, like we are witnessing our self from a distance we see our thoughts, our habitual patterns and reactions. When we have come this far we are catapulted into a new dimension, one of being truthful and honest with ourselves and with those around us.

How can we learn to practice this truthfulness in everyday life? We start to tell others what we need. We begin to ask for help. We stop gossiping about others. We obey the law of our own internal court. We don’t feel a need to take what is not ours and we stop lying to ourselves and those around us. We develop some integrity. Integrity is honesty when no one is watching. This is the truthfulness we practice for ourselves. Maybe we have witnessed ourselves doing a misdeed that no longer serves us, our thoughts or actions being out of line with what we feel is right and true for us.

Truth is a beautiful practice that must be tempered with kindness. Without kindness truth is too raw and brutal. We can’t tell our friend we don’t like their haircut if they like it. When we practice truth and kindness we must ask ourselves is my intention from a good place? Before I speak or take action is it true? Is it non-harming? Is it necessary? Does what I say or do in truth help someone else grow?

Being true to yourself and those around you is a brave way to live. You will no longer live in betrayal.  Truth poses the question, what is right for me and those around me now? How can being honest and true and living with integrity especially when no one is watching help me make peace with my past and connect me in a deeper way to those around me?

Practice for today: What are your unspoken truths? What do you know is true for you but you keep covered? How can being truthful and kind help shift you to a higher ground? Today practice truthfulness or satya in your deeds actions, thoughts and words.

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