51: Little Miss Sunshine

ligth shineIn New Zealand we have the most beautiful cave filled with lit jewels. These little worms affectionately termed glow worms light the whole cave up like a mat of stars and people come from around the world to see its beauty. This inner glow of light is something that we all have inside us as well, it can just get a little suffocated with dust from time to time.

What makes us glow from the inside out is simple, it is doing what we love and doing what is important to us. It is committing time and energy to those things in life that we value. The days I have my glow worm on are simple but beautiful, a little yoga, a walk in the sun, a home cooked meal, some time with friends. I can feel myself being warmed from the inside out.I see this radiance in students when they leave yoga class and I see it in the warmth of the sunrise giving hope to what we can achieve on this great day.

However it’s not always like this with myself or those around me. Sometimes the embers are a little dim and the glow fades. In yoga we have a practice known as Tapas, the fire of discipline. When we perform tapas we are stoking our internal fire, not letting ourselves be burnt out or becoming dull. When we practice tapas we do what it is that is important to us and has meaning in our life. Tapas is commitment. Doing this blog is tapas. It means I show up here every day whether I want to or not and I discipline myself to write.

The enemy of tapas and that which makes us stagnate is laziness. When we go to bed late, sit too long in front of the tv, don’t bother to do things that bring us health and well being or don’t even examine the things that are important to us then we extinguish our inner flame. To practice Tapas you must get sleep, be committed, get up early and have no excuses.

Practice for today: What is it that is important to you and makes you radient? What is stopping you being committed to that one thing each and every day? Make a commitment to yourself for the following week to do that one thing and then assess your internal fire or flame. Relight your fire and watch it stream out of you.

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