52: Two into One =

yoga is the journeyWhen you take an object and break it, it becomes two or more pieces. The object is no longer whole. The opposite of this, connection, wholeness, unification, relationship underpins most of the what the yoga teachings are about. Yoga means to make whole again, union, unify and so through the practice of yoga be it asana, study, meditation, breathing or living well we are trying to learn to become one with ourselves again.

We can sense this feeling of being broken as we pass through our days. We may house this disconnect in some vocabulary such as I feel; disconnected, unsure, uprooted, ungrounded, lost, unhappy, uneasy, stressed or unwell. What we are really saying is that we have broken ourselves into two parts. The part of me that is unwell, ungrounded or abandoned and the part of me that is not. Our natural and common reaction when we feel this way is to fix or mend ourselves trying to stitch together the pieces again to make us feel one and at ease.

What yoga teaches us though is that we are not really broken, just a little derailed. Somewhere along the way we have lost our sense of Self. Our Self is the part of us that can not be broken. We get a glimpse of this part when we move well in a yoga class with our breath and body and suddenly everything becomes one. We may taste it a little during  savasana. We might glimpse it in meditation when there is a space in thoughts and suddenly no separation between us and our inner Self. We may even feel this oneness walking, gardening, singing or parenting.

Michelangelo says that within the marble is a beautiful statue and his job is to chip away at the layers to reveal this divinity. Our job is to peel away our layers and strip down to the essence or core of our being. This is the place of stillness and wonder, this is the unbroken us, this is where we can find bliss.

Practice for today: Whatever it is you are struggling with, what ever part you feel disconnected with remember that you are not broken and there really is nothing to fix. Your job is to find firm footing and root down through the layers to connect back within yourself.


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