50: Spiritual Muscles

spiritualityMoving through a yoga practice on any given day there are areas that I focus on when teaching.

Awareness; Are the students aware of how they are moving in time and space, of what they are doing. Are they aware of how they feel at any given moment?

Flexibility; What is their flexibility like today, are they pushing beyond this limit or are that not even going to their edge?

Balance; Are they able to concentrate enough to find balance in their poses?

Acceptance; Do they accept what they can and can’t do?

Confidence; Where does lack of confidence take them out of their practice?

Connected; Are they fully in the moment and connected to what they are doing?

Focus; Are they focusing on the task at hand?

Compassion; Are they being kind to themselves or pushing themselves too hard? Are they comparing themselves to others?

Playfulness; Can they view their practice as a game to play, a dance of life?

We practice asana to tone and strengthen our body but also our inner treasures, the unseen muscles of our spirituality. These muscles are more delicate, hard to locate and quite stubborn. However if we don’t work them they will atrophy like a physical muscle.

Practice for today: How are you toning your spiritual muscles of awareness, balance, flexibility, acceptance, confidence, connection, focus, compassion and playfulness? Choose one of them to work on today both in the physical and spiritual sense.


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