48: Karmic De-Tox

karma cleanseI could see this storm brewing it wasn’t difficult. The expensive mascara which I didn’t really want used all  its potency of chemical madness to rip out and or break my eyelashes before my big day out. Disbelief quickly replaced with horror then anger threatened to knock out every skittle of good karma I had built up to this day. I was suddenly hairless, I was Andre Agassi who proclaimed so well on the loss of his hair ‘I have lost my identity’. Anger, blame, poison words, getting back, ignorance, hating myself all took turns as I watched my last few hairs wash down the sink.

If we want to live well on this earth we need to build up some goodness to carry us through our bad patches, unless we prefer to come back for a few hundred more lifetimes to witness ourselves losing our tempers with shop assistants.

Here are my top Karmic cleansing ideas for today that will help keep your hair on when things go wrong.

Be grateful. I can’t say I was grateful to lose my eyelashes but I was grateful to have a partner tell me I was beautiful without them even if he was making it up. I was also very grateful that my alopecia wasn’t caused by a medical problem. Try to look for what is good in your life. In a tough situation where you feel you might burn through your karma credits ask yourself, what could be the benefit of this situation? What could be the lesson here?

Act with Love. Wanting to hurt someone when really it is no one’s fault, is pointless. Look at your situation when you have had time to take a breath and say ‘This is how it is for now’. Acknowledging that your struggle or problem of the moment will pass and is not a consequence of someone trying do something to you, but really just what the world has dished up, will take you out of blame. Once you are clear of blame, love and acting with love becomes a whole lot easier.

Check your motives. What are your motives for acting out. Me? I just want attention, it’s my little bratty self coming out shouting. What are the motives for your actions? Is it to get something you need? Realising the intent behind your actions will help you understand a little about the karmic cycle which in loose terms is every action has a reaction. So make your actions come from clean clear motives.

Watch your attitude. Is your attitude good or bad? Does this incident justify you having a bad attitude to those around you?

Forgive. Start with yourself first. Most of my bad behaviour comes from a place that says ‘I’m an idiot’. ‘How could I have said/done that?’ Just acknowledge that you may have slipped or things didn’t go as you thought they should but don’t attach blame to it today.

Practice for today: Your life is an echo of all your do, think and say. What is it about your motives and attitudes you can fine tune? Where is it that you can make love and forgiveness a way to make your path a little less bumpy and a little less trodden on this life time and for the rest to follow?


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