40: 3 Thoughts on Acceptance

acceptance 2It’s not always easy to accept your life as it is right now. We often sit in imperfection hoping things will get a bit better for us. We use the if onlys to demand from the universe a world that is exactly how we want it. When tragedy strikes or we meet a stumbling block we have trouble accepting it as part of our lot.

Acceptance is a little different from not caring. Acceptance means you care deeply enough about yourself to see that what is happening to you now is ‘what is’ however you don’t beat yourself up  or blame yourself about it.When we accept life as it is presented to us we change our relationship to the happening and it is from there that little miracles can happen.

1) We can see that the situation we are in might have some plus sides or benefits. If we stop for a minute and really look at what is happening and acknowledge for a second that there may be some good here, then we can work on those plus sides rather than dwelling in the darkness of the problem.

2) If we accept a situation as being something that has occurred for us not to us we might see that we can learn something from our predicament.

3) If we accept something as being part of our connection to a greater plan, something that we can’t see with our limited, blinkered vision, then we might stop fighting and struggling with ourselves a bit and step more into the easy flow. of our life.

Practice for today: Once you learn to put down what you are struggling with you will move into working out what to do with your situation. What is one thing in your life you are having trouble accepting? How can you make friends with your situation so new doors can open?


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