39: A way to Be Happier Today

buddha quote 2Sometimes when I do yoga I go into judging mind. The part of me that is analysing is this good or is this bad? Good, I like it, Bad I don’t like it.Sometimes I can go through a whole practice taking what is dished out and my mind is going good, bad, good, bad, good, good, bad.

When we are in a yoga class or any where else in life we do the same. If something is not what we wanted or like we judge it bad. This food is bad, this pose is held too long, this job is bad, this situation is no good. As soon as we judge it as bad then we act accordingly. We may complain about our situation, gossip, moan, try to get out or avoid the possibility of it happening again or cause any amount of undue suffering.

If we want to be a little happier today the best thing is not to judge something as anything. When an action, event, deed, food, or word comes our way we just see it as that. An action, deed, food or word and nothing else. We should not try to put any meaning onto the occurance or categorsie it as either bad or good. Just see it happen. If it is not to our liking we can then say to ourselves, well this is not quite what I ordered but I will just have to get on and do the best I can from this situation.

This will build resilience.

Resilience will make you calmer and happier.

Practice for today: Try to watch your judging mind today. How often do you want to say, ‘I like/don’ like it’. How can you turn that around and have no opinion and just accept it as part of what is happening today.


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