36: First Chakra Blowout/Workout

first chakraYour first chakra or basal chakra is located in your sacral area. It is associated with feeling at home, grounded, at ease with yourself and your body and a good sense of security. It is the chakra that says you have arrived home, your feel safe and at ease in your surroundings and the people in your life. It is called Muladhara Chakra. Mul means root and adhara means to connect to, therefore its translation is to be connected to the earth or to have put your roots down firmly.

To have a first chakra blow out is quite easy. You pick yourself up, take yourself away from your familiar and comfortable surroundings and plonk yourself down amongst 40 of the best looking, most attractive and smartest yogis in the world. Then you watch your feelings of insecurity mount. You observe your feelings of being out of depth, out of your comfort zone, you become unable to relate to the people around you. You feel no sense of belonging and a sudden urge to overeat or fill the gaping whole in your well being with shopping.

Some of us feel like this on a daily basis.

To feel more secure and more grounded you need to do standing poses, balancing poses and seated ones. These poses will help you feel more grounded and more secure in your life. These poses will plump up your deflated, over spinning chakra and bring you back to feeling invincible, wanted and at home.

Practice for today: Do you have a tendency to overeat, over spend or do you sometimes under eat and hoard? This can be our way of making more sense of who we are and how we belong in this world. Instead of reaching towards the fridge try some grounding stabilizing poses. You can also try walking barefoot on the land to connect you back to the earth.

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